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Harum Manis Mango

Harum Manis

Harum Manis is Sweet Aromatic Mango which has the mellow fibers, popular very much in Indonesia. It is one of the best mango in the world and delicious. Even though it has thick green skin color on the outside, but its flesh is ripe n sweet when it reach 100% maturity.It originated from Indonesia, it known as Harum Manis Mangga, which "mangga", stand for mango. In Malaysia, the fruit farmer also craving Indonesian Mango which this the Harum Manis mango is only found in the state of Perlis. However, the season is only available from April to June only. So after this local season, the mango actually imported from our neighbor country, Indonesia.

Harum Manis Mango

Let's have a close review on Harum Manis, it slightly bigger than our palm, these mangoes that stay green when ripe are the better tasting mango.

Harum Manis

This thick-skinned harum manis (fragrant sweet) is thick-fleshed and is, as its name declares, sweet. It is strongly flavored, but in a slightly acrid way.

It is known for its green skin, golden flesh and its exotic taste, and it fetches a premium price in the domestic market.

Harum Manis generally as big as our palm, it usually weight around 1kg each, which the price ranging from RM 20 to RM 25 per kg.

Taste a harum manis mango

Harum Manis was very soft and delicate.

Since this mango is one of the best mango in the world and very delicious. The fruit is very thick and very sweet. Eventhough the outer skin is green but the inside is very ripe, it able to export to Japan, which the fruit become popular in Japan. This explained why Harum Manis sold in a premium price, not all the fruit can export to country like Japan.


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