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Thailand: New pineapple variety


Supported by Kasetsart University, pineapple growers in Sam Roi Yod district southwest of Bangkok have announced success in pineapple tissue culture to create a new strain of pineapples which can stay fresh for about 45 days after harvest, much longer than normal pineapples which last only a week. Pineapple grower Peera Sukitpaneenit in Sam Roi Yod district and an ex-chief of Rai Khao sub-district said the new pineapple species was named “ Lueang Sam Roi Yod” (Yellow Sam Roi Yod). It was developed from Pattavia pineapple over ten years with assistance from botanical academics at Kasetsart University.

After harvest, it can be stored for 45 days in normal temperatures. It has a dark yellow texture, a thick skin but a thin rough layer, which is good for consuming fresh or processing into canned fruit. Normal pineapples spoil quickly within seven days after harvest, causing trouble with export this tropical fruit to overseas markets, he said. Mr Peera said that while pineapple exports help earn the country a handsome income, there is no research centre for pineapple strain development.  The success in developing the new strain of pineapple can help promote the province as Thailand’s main pineapple planting area and boost pineapple exports.


Publication date: 3/10/2011



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