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CSR at Selangor Family Aid Association Centre at Ulu Yam

28-July-2012, Saturday, MBG visited Selangor Family Aid Association Centre at Ulu Yam to carry out our corporate social responsibility activity. There were 33 staffs participated this CSR project including Mr. Adnan Lee, our managing director. The objective of the project is together we grow a passion for healthy living.

We reached the centre at 1:30pm and this place is just located at the main road from Ulu Yam Bharu to Ulu Yam lama.

The Selangor Family Aid Association is a voluntary multi racial welfare organization which was established on the 8th of July 1988 with the primary aim to help the needy, such as the old folks, mentally retarded children, handicapped, down syndrome and the orphanage children providing provision to the poor. Currently, there have about 80 residents and 15 members of staff providing the necessary help and medical attention in the management of the home.

Mr. Adnan Lee(MBG's managing director) gave the briefing to everybody and we divided to 3 groups to accomplished the job within 2 hours.

The first group was responsible to clean the compound and cutting the grass.

Ridwan was filling up the leafs to the garbage bag.

Azizah was assigned to cutting the grass.

While group 2 was in charge to cleaning the kitchen, the staffs were doing their best to wash the kitchen floor.

For the last group, they had to build a small Japanese garden, Padilah was carrying the plants to the construction side.

The first step to build the small garden, we need to dig out all the grass and soil in order the purchased plants could be planted.

Everybody worked very hard to digging out the soil, that afternoon was very hot and will be very tough for those who fasting during Ramadan month.

Mr. Adnan Lee was guiding all of us step by step to completed the planting works.

Khairul and Romeo were preparing the cement for the Japanese statue.

Romeo was stacking up the bricks with the cement so the Japanese Garden Statue could be place on top of it.

At 3:30pm, after two hours everybody worked hard, the small Japanese Garden finally completed and the last step was deploying the small rock around the garden.

Finally it was completed, everybody was happy because managed to finish it on time by working closely as a team. Good Job to MBG!

Before ending the session, the participants were divided to six small groups to do a summary what's they understanding about MBG's core values: Respect, Honesty, and Determination.

The participant was requested to write the sentences to describe the understanding about MBG's core values.

The group photo after they completed the drawing session.

Finally, Mr. Adnan Lee ended the session by having everybody to give a few words about what's they had learn during this CSR's visit.
MBG FruitShop will return to this centre every 3 months and the next visit will be fall on October 2012.


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