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September Cermelang Staff at Red Box Karaoke

26th-September-2011, a day to reward the September month "Cemerlang" staffs, this round MBG management choose an outing at Red Box Karaoke at The Garden, Mid Valley City. There are twenty five of us to attend this session, the Karaoke session started at 11 a.m. and we booked a VIP room so everybody could enjoy the Karaoke fun together. The package also included a lunch set and a drink which we all had our lunch there as well.

One of the outlet staff was so enjoyed and started to dance as well

From Left: Mr. Adnan Lee (MBG's managing director) and Romeo sang together.

Romeo was excited and started to dance beside of singing his favourite song.

These were the "Cermelang" staffs of the month, which from different MBG's outlets.

Hamsan was also one of the key singer for the day.

On the same day, it also our managing director's birthday, so the team decided to have a small celebration for Mr. Adnan Lee which we bought his favourite chocolate cake and a gift for him.

Mr. Adnan Lee was giving his speech to all the staff attended on this session.

This was the birthday cake that we celebrated Mr Adnan Lee's 36 years old birthday. The birthday song started here.

Mr. Adnan Lee was making his wishes and cutting the birthday cake.

MBG's head chef, Azrie represented the team to hand over the birthday gift to Adnan, was a set of winter wear accessories because Adnan will climb Mountain Kota Kinabalu on early of October. We hope he will like it and use it for the adventurous trip.

The lunch sets were served and every body started to enjoy the meal.

There were various sets for selection, the food is tasty and everybody satisfied on it.

The Karaoke session continued and everybody take turn to sang their favourite song.

Romeo and Azizah, one of the couple in MBG.

The session ended at 2 p.m., this was a good session for everybody gather together, so do stay tune for the following Cermelang outing. MBG wished you enjoyed this coverage so you will know our team better.


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