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Fruity Dance Campaign to Keep Children Healthy

Kuala Lumpur, November 8, 2012 - To celebrate Malaysian Children’s Day, MBG launched the “MBG Fruity Dance” campaign to encourage children to stay happy and healthy through engaging in fun physical activities.

FRESH REWARDS - Ruth, Thomas Lee (Marketing Manager of MBG) enjoying fresh juices with the kids after the fruity dance.


Yes! Fruits Survey Results Infographic

The Yes! Fruits survey results have been out for a while now and we decided to summarize the whole thing into one simple but powerful infographic!


WOW Recognition Award 2013

Retail business has always played a major role in Malaysian economy. In the upcoming year MBG Fruit Shop and PetsMore is going to participate in WOW Recognition Award 2013 to acknowledge and award staff of both retail companies for their excellent performance.


MBG returns to Selangor Family Aid Association Centre for second round of CSR

6-October-2012, Saturday - Following the success of MBG’s last CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program on 28th of July 2012, MBG staffs once again banded together to visit Selangor Family Aid Association Centre at Ulu Yam. This time around a total of 18 staffs volunteered to join the program including the managing director Mr. Adnan Lee. The main activities aimed in the program are to clean the vicinity of the centre as well as further decorate the lawn area in addition to the japanese garden built in the last CSR program.


Fruits Survey: Mango is Malaysians’ favourite fruit!

Kuala Lumpur, 12 September, 2012 -- It’s official!  Mango is hailed as Malaysians’ favourite fruit – at least according to MBG’s Yes! Fruits survey on fruits released in conjunction with One Malaysia Day.

The survey, compiled from 5,326 Malaysian public revealed the top 5 fruits to be Mango at 64%, followed by Grapes (58%), Watermelon (53%), Apple (50%) and Dragon Fruit (47%).  According to the survey, King of Fruits – durian, took the 6th spot at 46%.  Fruits with lower awareness, ‘understanding’ and acceptability were persimmons (23%) and ‘stoned fruits’ such as plums, peaches and nectarines (25%).

Mango wins Malaysian hearts


MBG Ramadan Month Charity Visit 2012

The charity visit was carried out by our transport head, Encik Wan Ahmad to five charity centre located at Kuala Kubu Bharu and Serendah. This was an annual activities which we did that for year 2011 as well. The objective of this visit was delivering the care to communities that need our attention.

Asrama Kasih YBK Serendah

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